GuyWhoSteals is a fictional character focussed on stealing meaningful content from the world and aggregating it on one single place. This character is inspired from the book 'Steal This Book' and Bill Gates.

If you have any problems with the content posted on this site, please do not bore us with your emails. We don't give a fuck. And I don't stay in USA (I don't stay in Sweden either)

If you have any other suggestions, you can mail the GuyWhoSteals team here:

  1. guywhosteals AT gmail DOT com
  2. guywhosteals AT yahoo DOT com
Obviously, you can join the Facebook fan page (right sidebar) or subscribe to the GuyWhoSteals feed on Feedburner.

GuyWhoSteals is an initiative that aims at spreading happiness. You can Paypal us some money which goes directly into the 'GuyWhoSteals Guitar Fund' which aims at bringing happiness into the lives of children who can't own an electric guitar.
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