Half the blabber

I was told not to try and write but write. So errm I'm here, kind of.

1. I have fever, 100 degree F :D

2. I should be in bed resting, right?

3. I can't do it. It's too boring. Been doing that since 6.30.

4. That makes it almost 3 hours.

5. I also have annoying cold and dry cough. :D

6. And I'm still sitting in front of the pc. Some people never learn :P tsk tsk

7. My network is acting a bitch. Messages to a particular no. aren't getting delivered. :@

8. In black and white photographs, nothing is really black or white. There are all grays. :/

9. Oh btw, I watched Dabangg. I think I would've been better off without watching all those stupid dialogues and moves. o_O

10. The movie was SO typical.

11. I think I can't type more. The inside of my head's spinning round and round and round.

12. 25/2 = 12.5, right? I'm not too good with numbers. :\

12.5. I don't know how to write half a point ..

may be like that? this?



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