I wonder if I could get through writing this Monday post. My mood has been freaking unstable past this week. There are many reasons for it. Well, let's not talk about it. :\

1. Today didn't feel like Monday. At all.

2. I must tell you, if you ever go to a hospital, you must learn to be patient. They really do test your patience.

3. And it's amazing how crowded hospitals are. :/

4. Life's going for a toss. A 360 degree spin. Quite literally.

5. In this materialized world, you don't know whom to trust. Not even the doctors. Which makes the whole point of consulting a doctor null and void.

6. Life, I love you.

7. I am at my irritated best at the moment.

8. Why are there so many why's that have no answers?

9. Even this one?

10. I'm going to start reading this book 'Shantaram' quite soon, hopefully. It's so goddamn huge.

11. This post has been resumed after an hour. I hope I complete it.

12. I know I'm being miserable. But I'm too mind fucked to care.

13. I think that I should stop thinking all together.

14. LOL @ the above point.

15. *Please forgive me, I can't stop loving youuuuuu!* - Bryan Adams

16. When nothing else helps, music can do wonders.

17. *tries to whistle*

18. I'm planning to get back to watching TV series. Soon.

19. I miss Dexter. And the chills it gives you.

20. I might be watching Dabangg soon. Don't ask me why. Even I don't know. :\

21. Salman Khan + over-action = Ewww?

22. *That's why, I'm coming back to you!* :D - Bryan Adams

23. I'm even watching stupid TV to keep myself sane. I wonder if that's a good thing.You know, those crappy serials. It might have a negative effect rather than a positive one. :/

24. Btw, that Sunsilk's new shampoo. The Thomas Taw one, is actually gooood! Better than Dove even.

25. I'm trying to study. I hope I continue. :)

Thanks for reading crap! I appreciate your patience. :D

P.S. I might/might not be here next Monday. I hope I won't be. :)


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