Hello behen log aur unke bhai log. Aaj hum log hindi mein vartalaap karnge, theek hai?

Kya theek hai?
Tell me to get back to normal.
You won't?
I'll come back to normal myself only. -_-
Useless people.

It's technically Monday now. See, for a change, I'm posting this EARLY. Isn't that awesome? Like really? Well, I'm referring to the previous few 'Monday' posts that I posted on Tuesdays out of laziness and forgetfulness.

So here are the 25 nothings, TADA! :/

1. Life's still the same. SAME, nothing ever changes. Not one thing.

2. I wish I could play real loud music and blast off the thoughts inside my head.

3. I wish wishes came true.

4. You knowww, bro's sending me Ipod touch 32gb soon. :)

5. I watched Badmaash Company on TV today. Don't ask me why. Please.

6. All I want to say about that movie is, that those smart ideas are impractical in real life.

7. Mom and dad went off to bed at ten! I mean, at TEN! Do people sleep that early anymore?

8. My dad has asked me to wake up by at least seven. What I told him was, that I'd do whatever he wants me to do at that hour and then sleep. I guess that was tad bit rude.

9. Whatever.

10. I surprise myself with my own mood swings, have I told you that before?

11. It felt good to speak out after ages.

12. I let go off a few grudges that I held against a few people recently. Feels good to forgive them. Feels good to lose them.

13. 'A weekend with you (and nothing else to do)' by Blackstratblues makes me thoughtful and emotional every time I listen to it. Right now, it's just not helping my already emo mood. :/

14. No, not that gothic emo. I meant, overcome with emotions kinda emo.

15. Being dumb is the best thing you can do to yourself and to others.

16. I've started preparing for entrance exams from today. I hope this enthusiasm lasts for sometime at least.

17. You know that feeling of helplessness that you get when you can't be where you want to be? It sucks to the core.

18. Coming back on Badmaash Company, that movie I told you about? Vir Das kinda looked cute in it. :/

19. Whoa, it's 19 already? I thought it was 9. :/

20. Result of absent-mindedness I guess.

21. Mom's not letting me join anywhere 'cause dad might get transferred anytime soon. I'm like literally hanging in nothingness.

22. If we do get transferred, I wish it's a new, nice city. I don't want to go home yet.

23. I wish 2010 would end sooner.

24. I wish life would be black and white again, I'm hating all the grays.

25. Btw, I forgot to tell you, new 5.1 speakers in my room. ^-^

Off now, bye bye.

PS, this is also my 130th post on this blog. :)


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