People who have problems with atheists, do not read any further. People with bleak sense of humor are requested to discontinue reading as well. Any content that may insult or offend your religious beliefs is purely intentional.

Why are atheists considered abnormal, evil, blasphemous? What exact wrong have they done? Why are people so sensitive about God-related matters? Why is it necessary to have religion to instill morality? Why can't you be good without 'God' telling you to be? Is it so hard? Why does one have to believe in a non-existent 'holy' power to guide them? Atheists do not hate God. Who can hate a non-existent thing anyway? May be people who believe in God will be able to hate him. I just can't stand the way faith is given more importance than reason and knowledge. Why do we go to schools/colleges and learn about science when at the end of the day we have to believe in the story of God instilling life on earth? (You know that Adam and eve/Noah's ark shit?) And believing in Ramayan and Mahabharat who preach such great moralities like gambling, raping their brothers' wife, polygamy and what not?! OR believing in a man who used the fairer sex just for his pleasure and married a 11 year old girl? Preaching people to suicide for their religion in order to go to heaven and have the pleasure of 72 virgins? Is this crap justified? Why do we choose to ignore it rather than reason it out and abandon this? People who claim to be open-minded also believe in these things, so they aren't really open-minded, are they?

Its all so foolish and sick. I can't even tell you, this can go on and on and on.

Here, have a look at these:

This is true. Whatever you do, you can't deny it.

Religion is much much more than just this fickle-minded crowd. :/

This what the so-called holy books preach. What a filthy, biased character God is. :/

Whatever happened to the freedom of expression/speech?

I so wish parents would stop that. -__-

And this too. Such an insult to the great song. (Imagine - John Lennon)

Because you see, babies are not born with any religious concepts in their minds. Its the parents and the society who preach them these 'good' values. Only if they were allowed to choose what they wished to be ..

And here comes the uncalled for Godly invasion. Can't a poor person even sneeze in peace?

How ironical? :)

So far, so true.

Really, is it any different?

Yep, clowns is what they sound like. How can people believe shit such as this?

And it couldn't get funnier than this. So, religion also approves of social-backwardness and sexism. Nice. :/

And how does one explain the existence of the beautiful nature? This is how you do it. God's creation as the reason is so lame.

And for all those people who relate spirituality with God, check up your dictionaries please. They do not even relate. And all those spiritual babas (bastard) are nothing but suckers for money and power. Here's a good article: Jawed Akther's 'about myself'

On a concluding note, I'd like to add these :

And this is my favorite atheist comic of all times: Littlest atheist

And you may also go ahead and read another atheism-related blog post if you'd like (its not by me of course) : The greatest lie ever told

And googlism: Proof that Google is God (how the hell could I forget it?!) :P

That's it from me for now,
Chao :D


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