Isn't it funny how most of us let our lives be ruled by an imaginary sky daddy whose existence is as disputed as a Flying unicorn or a Pixie? If ruling individual lives weren’t enough, religion has forced people to kill, sodomise, rape, sacrifice their near and dear ones, etc. in the name of this sky daddy whom most people call God.
Now the so called moderates of these religions come up with rebuttals like, ‘Religion does not kill, people do’. Well, in that case how does one explain explicit lines in the Qur’an or the Bible wherein followers are specifically asked to kill people who insult their respective Gods, or where the act of apostasy needs to be dealt with stoning the Apostate to death, or where women are openly considered to be inferior to their male counterparts?

People like to derive their morals from these Holy Scriptures, but how does one justify the killing of all innocent first born babies in a land only because this God wanted it to be so? So, aren’t these people selectively seeking out morals as per their convenience? How does one rationalise the killing of millions of species of animals who played no part in the so called sinning that caused the same God to wipe out the entire living population on the Earth except for a few chosen ones and flood the earth to such an extent that even the topmost peak of the world was 2 feet under water. I’d like to use a popular internet slang here. OMFGLOLROFLMAO at that! And people actually believe in this horse crap? Come on! Why send your kids to learn Science and Math in school when you eventually intend to fill that child’s mind with such unadulterated piece of bullshit?

This selective morality stands true for all religions. Let’s talk about God now. The title ‘God-fearing’ is used like a food junkie would use cheese in his burgers and sandwiches. Why the fuck should I be afraid of a mythical creature who was (claimed to) last seen a couple of millennia ago? And what’s with the rapidly decreasing no. of appearances of this God character? Around 3000-4000 years ago, he used to visit the earth whenever he wished to (Krishna, Rama, etc.). 2000 years ago, he got tired (and old?) of his repeated excursions to the earth and decided to send his Son to preach his part of divine bullshit. That got tiring too, so he next decided to speak with a chosen one. It’s ironical that he chose a paedophile (Mohammed) for this latest revelation. Does this explain the scores of paedophiles amongst these religious bigots? I guess it does.

Now, living as an Atheist in this country is weird. Once people know what my name is, their next question is, ‘Which Church?’ You try to fill some form; the question pertaining to religion does not have Atheism as an option. I agree that it would have been an oxymoron if Atheism was indeed an option, but they should at least have a ‘No religion’ option for fuck’s sake! And by the way, one can’t legally be an Atheist in India. It’s as fucked up as the law opposing homosexuality. Well, some things will never change in this country. This brings me to another thing. Why is religion awarded such an important status everywhere? One can be criticized for his/her taste in music, clothes, sports, etc., but not religion? I can call your favourite football team a sellout whore and I can’t say anything about your religion? Who gave this special status to religion? An entity which doesn’t even stand on proven true grounds like a football team does. Hypocrisy of the highest level enforced by blind theistic assholes?

My denunciation of religion/God will go on till I die. For now, all I can do is feel sorry for people who choose to blindly follow fairytales, which don’t even have interesting stories to tell, instead of seeking the truth for themselves. They love to live in their delusionary world and expect the rest of the world to do the same. Do whatever the fuck you want to, in the confines of your homes, but the moment you start preaching, expect the asshole who’s writing this post to comprehensively fuck your imbecile theories and childhood fantasies. So, if you're a theist, either go back to sucking up to your God, or find the truth for yourself by challenging these archaic laws which are meaningless in our world.


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