The vuvuzela's are quiet

Oh deary me. South Africa's national pride Bafana Bafana got clobbered with a three-nil score last night by Uruguay. What a shame. South Africans are heart-broken. Many fans honestly believed that Bafana would do well in the World Cup matches, and even (dare one say it) have a chance to win the World Cup.


Bafana Bafana are, what, (Eighty-fourth? Eight-seventh?) on the world ranking list? And these people honestly think that they'll now become world champions? If South Africa hadn't been hosting the game, Bafana wouldn't even have qualified for playing at all. I mean, really, guys.

But at least the vuvuzela's are a lot quieter now...

To add insult to injury, a power cut following the disastrous match stranded some 2000 mourning fans who were on their way home. Having responded to the general call to use public transportas much as possible, fans were stranded in a crippled commuter train (without heating at several degrees below freezing) for two to three hours, with the last fans only arriving at 03:30. Train operator Metrorail finally had to resort to steam locomotives to get the fans to their stations.

I shit you not. Steam.


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