Corruption is not for amateurs

Oh dear oh dear... It appears that a taxi driver has gotten himself in trouble by trying to offer a 20 Rand bribe to a traffic cop, and now has to appear in court on charges of corruption. Tsk.

Well, and rightly so. I mean, what an idiot! Everyone knows that the going rate for traffic cop bribes is at least R100! Of course you're going to get yourself arrested when you offer the guy only R20! He's going to feel insulted and pissed off, and he's going to get all righteous all of a sudden and haul your ass to jail! What else do you expect?

To illustrate the state of justice in South Africa: metro police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar stated that "motorists who attempt to bribe officers who are not corrupt, will be arrested and have to appear in court to be charged with corruption." (Emphasis mine.) I kid you not, that's what he said. A police spokesman makes a statement on a very minor and unremarkable case, but he does feel the need to make the distinction, and apply his statement only to officers who are not corrupt. Go figure.

The message, then, is clear: you will feel the wrath of the law and be snared by the mighty arm of justice... but only if you try to bribe a cop who is not corrupt. Fortunately there's not much chance of that - they're a bit rare these days. And when you attempt to bribe one who is (which mean in the overwhelming majority of cases) then of course you're purrrrrfectly alright...


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