No!!! I did NOT forget my password!!!

Windows XP has many structural shortcomings - it is inherently unstable to a degree, it is quite fragile, its DLL subsystem and registry are a disaster, and the upshot of all this is that simply installing an application can break the entire system beyond repair. But while these are serious issues, they are not my main source of irritation with Windows XP. No, my main (and most frequently recurring) annoyance with XP is its log-in system.

Whenever you mistype your password, immediately a text balloon pops up and sneers at you, "Did you forget your password?"

NO!!!! I did not forget my password! I just made a typo! Why in the name of all that's holy must you immediately assume that I am yet another moron and sneer at me for being an idiot who cannot even remember a simple password??? AAAAARGHHH!!!


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