"GNOME ate my boyfriend". You Should See This :P

"Bug 626593 - Gnome ate my boyfriend! Help!" Yeah, you read it right. It is not a random mistake, its and actual bug submitted to GNOME bugtracker!

  • Excerpts from the original "bug" submitted to GNOME bug tracker.
"Dear Gnome,

Please, have some empathy and help me out.

Because of you, my boyfriend is chronically attached to his computer and has ceased to pay attention to me. I try to plan fun things for us to do on the weekends and then he cancels on my because of GNOME conferences! He even went to the Netherlands to GUADEC two weeks ago and left me at home alone for a week! He keeps going to all these conferences and I just don't know what to do. Apparently there is some Boston Summit thing he keeps talking about?

Please, help me bring my boyfriend back from "Linux Land." His name is Zach. If you find him, you may have to shut off the computer you find him in front of to get him to speak in anything other than "C." Sometimes he will speak to you in French, but thats only because he has his phone in French. I don't speak French so this too has become a wedge in our relationship.

This is a severe issue. Please fix this."
  • Read the original bug report here.

And of course, there is a good chance that this is completely fake. I mean, she is supposed to be a total computer illiterate and still she know about empathy, gnome bug tracker et al. I am not judging anything, just a possibility.

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