Observations from Facebook networking map for December 2010.

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  1. North America: Most of the north Canada is not inhabited, which reflects in the map. Alaska is poorly connected to the internet (Which is, well, Facebook, actually) The western part of USA (Rocky mountains, Death valley) is not as densely connected to Facebook as much as the eastern part (New York to Texas)
  2. Central America: Medium density of the network lines suggests medium Facebook usage.
  3. South America: Brazil is not a part of Facebook, according to the map. Probably because Brazilians are busy Orkuting. Certain cities like Rio De Janerio can be seen in the map. Argentine cities like Buenos Aires and surroundings can be seen in the map. Falkland Island (surprisingly) can be seen in the map too.
  4. Europe: Leaving aside parts of Spain, north Scandinavia which has medium density of the network lines, all other parts of Europe show high Facebook usage.
  5. Africa: Parts of Morocco, north Egypt, coastal Nigeria and Niger, South Africa and what I think is Kenya, are connected to Facebook. Most of the Africa is still in the dark.
  6. Asia: India and Turkey are the brightest spots on the Asian map with regular Facebook users in Iraq, Kuwait, other gulf countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, HK, Singapore and Taiwan. Coastal region on China can be seen on the map with a small population choosing to (or being allowed to) Facebook. Most of the former USSR nations in Asia are non-existent on the map.
  7. Australia: The eastern Australian cities like Sydney and Canberra dominate the western cities like Perth in terms of Facebook usage. Almost the entire NZ Facebooks, according to the map. A small population in Tasmania Facebooks as well.
Surprising observations:
  1. Almost the entire Hawaii islands can be seen on the map.
  2. Western coast of Greenland has marginal connection with Canada in terms of Facebook users.
  3. Islands like Madagascar and Mauritius can be seen on the map as well.
  4. Russia is almost entirely in the dark.

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