Fuck you ASP.NET

Seriously. How is it possible that something that has had so much money behind it cannot compete with the likes of the open source offerings. For fuck's sake, stop obfuscating my Request and Response variables behind a daft mechanism that requires me to learn an entire page rendering life cycle according to M$ that has almost nothing in common with how web pages are actually created just so I can get something slightly less ordinary done. We aren't all retards you know. I'm pretty sure we can all get to grips with basics of web servers and HTTP protocols. The web is not Windows. We don't need the stupid on-click hierarchy for our code to make sense. At the very least, can you make the viewstate render at a sensible time the page life cycle please?

Seriously. Classic ASP was actually better.

And while we are at it, when the fuck are you going to ship a decent ORM. I mean come on!

Rails... Django... they've managed. Where the fuck are you with this? I'm sure we could all get along just fine if you would at least catch up to the other frameworks. Then we won't look like twats who can't crank out code without a three month lead time just to set up our project and create our admin CRUD.


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