Quit your bitching

I can't fucking stand silly ranters who complain and think the world owes them something. If you're unhappy with something, apply some critical fucking thinking about a realistic way to effect your change, don't just point out the problem and give up!

The instant you point out that you're aware of the problem, but unwilling to fix it, I file you in my personal mental "giant fucking dumbass" bin. If you've just spent half a page describing something that gets your panties in a bunch, and then throw up your metaphorical hands and say "nothing is going to change, woe is me!" then you're a fucking useless drain on humanity productivity, and you deserve all the misery you endure.

Here's a hint - if you've got an issue with something, think about how to fix it. I mean, come on, this is third-grade stuff. Examine your assumptions of how things should be and see where you've gone wrong. If there is a legitimate problem, and you're not just making shit up, consider putting a modicum of fucking thought into changing circumstances so your little world is a little fucking brighter.

Until you're willing to act instead of just bitching, save us all some attention and just shut the fuck up and stew on it some more.


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