Steve Jobs Says, "Fuck You Ruby Fanbois"

I happen to love coding in C. C is a simple language with only a few moving parts, but more importantly, C is pretty damn close to how a computer actually works. It's not as close as assembler, but it's close enough.
Yes, you have to worry about memory management and buffer overflows, but if you have valgrind you're set.

Valgrind is awesome because it detects most memory errors fairly flawlessly, assuming you're not an asshole who codes retarded C tricks. Valgrind hates tricks. In a way coding C with valgrind forces you to do it right.
And honestly C isn't that hard, it's just that people who are used to shitting out whatever is in their head into a text file have a hard time with it. To code in C you have to know what you're doing and you have to know how the computer works. Sure, that's a pain in the ass, but did you ever think that maybe that's a good thing.

I firmly believe that learning C as your backup language is a great way to make you better in every other language you use. I wouldn't want to do a web application in it, but fuck yeah I'd do another web server in it.


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